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I Just sit in my room, on my bed and start writing - Kasia Wardman talking with Slawek Orwat

photo Slawek Orwat
photo Slawek Orwat
During a very fruitful day of taking photos, having discussions, and a two-day meeting for a perfectly prepared event, WOŚP in Luton. I met many well-known to me, but as yet unknown to everyone else, yet extremely likeable and talented young artists. A special discovery for my radio program Polisz Czart, next Alex Gala in London, Caroline Baran, Chicago, Ani Loranty from Poland, including the extremely talented, amazing character and as I mention her exceptional beauty, Kasia Wardman, who had the task of getting the crowds attention as her & her Guitarist were the first to perform for the crowd in the Gospoda tavern in Luton. This was not the only task the young singer excelled in, she also showed tremendous magnetism and ability to win over an audience, which included her appearance on stage showing genuine joy to be there, and a joy for me to listen to her beautiful compositions, with songs describing people and situations observed in a world where every day is alive. After an acclaimed performance, Kasia welcomed me with her charming character and agreed to accept the invitation from me to a short conversation.

photo Slawek Orwat
- How did it happen that you sing and when did you feel that you're an artist?

photo Slawek Orwat
- (Laughs) I’ve been writing poetry ever since I can remember, but I was 12 years old when I began to write songs. I went to a record company, played them some songs I liked to sing and read them my poetry. After they heard my voice they asked - if I can – turn my poetry into songs by combining them with music. From that moment, when I wrote a new poem, dad always urged me, to write him a song (laughs). This was my first opportunity to show people my feelings and thoughts through my music,

- You were born in the UK?

- Yes, 19 years ago. Soon I’ll be 20 years old! At the time I was born, there were not many polish people.

- Your mother is Polish. Where is your dad from?

- Daddy is an Englishman, but his family live in Malta. That is why my Polish is not so good, but I'll try to deal with your interview (laughs).

- I comment on this: You don’t speak perfect polish, but you draw in your polish listeners, with their sincere sympathy.

- Thank you very much (laughs).

photo Slawek Orwat
- Despite the young age, you have already written about 200 songs?

- Yes.

photo Slawek Orwat
- How did this happen that you have this creative potential?

- I find it difficult to answer this question. I just sit in my room on my bed and start writing.

- Do you write your songs right away in the form of notes or write them by singing?

- I write the lyrics whilst playing the guitar, but its not that I have to force the words to come out, It somehow just spontaneously comes out of me.

- What do you write most often?

- I don’t really write about myself. Most of the time I write about other people who have gone through some interesting stories (laughs). I love to sing and I love to write.

- You write the words and the music, which is to say that you are one hundred percent the songwriter?

- Yes.

- Do you already have some studio recordings and have you recorded your first album?

- My first studio recordings, which are ready to be played on the radio, are complete.

photo Slawek Orwat
- Is your guitarist who accompanied you today on the stage, your permanent musician, or does he only perform with you occasionally?

- We have been playing together for a year.

- Is he English?

photo Slawek Orwat
- Yes, he does not speak Polish. He has his own group and as soon as I heard them play for the first time live, I immediately asked him if he would be my guitarist. We also write songs together. I usually write the melody and text, and he helps me arrange it. Our last song we worked with Alan Glass, who is a music producer from Los Angeles and now lives in London. Alan worked with stars such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Seal, The Lighthouse Family, and Amy Winehouse. Currently I am working with him on my Ebum. It is longer than an EP, but shorter than an album and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will be finished soon.

- When do you anticipate release of the album?

- That I cannot tell you yet because we're still working on it.

- Does anyone appear on the album, such as Katie Melua, who I will ask more about in a minute?

- Unfortunately not, but at the moment I’m starting to work on something else, which I cannot say what it is, because it is still a mystery. If you follow my page on FB, then there will soon be some more information on this topic.

- You are in my opinion a remarkable young artist. You possess what is very important in this profession - a great voice, extraordinary beauty, a huge talent on stage, personal charm, and above all, you induce the sincere sympathy of the audience, which today I had the opportunity to observe during your performance and that allows me to hope that in the music industry you will achieve a lot. You were already spotted somewhere in the Polish-language media?

- Thank you very much. Yes, I appeared in Polonia Local Magazine, and was a guest of the Polish Radio in Cambridge.

photo Slawek Orwat
- I have to tell you that my radio adventure on British soil was beginning just in the now defunct Polish-language Radio Flash in Luton, which was owned by the same Robert Szydlowski, who is the publisher of the Local Magazine, which you mentioned a moment ago. Please tell our readers what sort of relationship links you up with Katie Melua, because I already heard something about it? 

photo Slawek Orwat
- (laugh). I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet, but I work for a company working with her, and I have to say that she is a very nice and extremely intelligent girl with a beautiful voice.

- You have a thing in common. Like you, Katie Melua is also not a native Briton. Her family came from Georgia, so Katie is fluent also in Russian. I’m hoping that one day, thanks to you, I will have the opportunity to meet her and have a moment to talk to her (laughs). Say again, where can we admire you in future concerts?

- You can usually find me at the concerts in London, where I currently live. All information on this subject will appear on my Facebook page.

- Have you sung in Poland?

- Not yet.

- So I hope to see you perform in Poland soon

- (Laughter) Thank you

text: Slawek Orwat
translation: Aga Wardman

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