sobota, 14 stycznia 2017

At this year’s GOCC charity auction in Luton, you can expect emotions to be high! There will be a super item, which is priceless and unique…so get your wallets ready! Elvis is still alive!

Arkadiusz Milczarek
Arkadiusz Milczarek dedicated all his vocal and acting skills to one project to be the best Elvis impersonator there is, which we all associate with one of the biggest Vegas acts. Arek travelled all over Poland and even did international appearances, like the one in Budapest. He is a truly remarkable artist with passion and a perfect performer on stage. In the loving memory of Arek Milczarek, Krzysztof Milczarek (brother) has been generous enough to offer us the outfit that his brother wore that very night when he performed in Budapest. The King’s outfit was purchased in Memphis Tennessee from the only approved Elvis replica costume designer by Arek himself. His brother would like to auction it off at this year’s GOCC 2017 charity event in Luton, as it was at this very event 7 years ago that Arek delivered his unforgettable performance. Let us all gather in crowds on Saturday 14 January at the George II pub in Luton and bring along with us an Elvis fan-base to honour the King and Arek.

The outfit, which can be seen on out YouTube is without a doubt the most valuable thing to be present at this event, especially when we take ourselves back to that unforgettable night in Budapest. 14 January we ask you to not only come along and have fun, but to support the charity and the initiative of Arek’s loved one’s who it must have taken a lot to part with this sentimental and one of a kind item. Every year the auctions of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity are not only there to raise money, but to provide a form of entertainment and community spirit amongst those present. It is an amalgamation of fun, laughter, rivalry, comedy and so much more. Every year it is always those who have the least that give the most, who auction off items for more than what they can give due to the moving and unique nature of the event. Therefore, remember- that not only are you buying a great piece of someone’s life or the memory honouring them, you are also helping young, ill children who are in that moment of need from people like you and me.

Author: Slawek Orwat
Translator: Dorota Bogdaniuk

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