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Iza Kwasiborska: H.E.A.T - A Swedish breath of freshness on a rock paddock ...

My story with the band H.E.A.T, started with the number "Under your skin", accidentally found on YT, in which I immediately fell in love. Because there is always a "Point Of No Return", if you start something, then there is no turning back... that's why I implemented the HEAT band completely.

Almost three years ago while listening to the Lifehouse band, I accidentally found the song "Under your skin" by H.E.A.T, which is actually an extension of the album "Tearing Down the Walls". Will you ask me what made me charmed???, of course I will answer ... music H.E.A.T, reminds me of my years of youth and goodness, the best rock from the 80s! As usual, I did not stop at listening to one song but started to follow other songs by H.E.A.T.

I got a special gift for Christmas, a record by H.E.A.T. "Freedom Rock". It is an album recorded with former vocalist Kenny Leckremo, whose voice differs from the current vocalist Erik Grönwall. The album is a bit calmer but how climatic. The next albums "Address the Nation" and "Tearing Down the Walls" appeared on the wall. Huge energy, penetrating vocalist voice, amazing guitar riffs in cooperation with a great sounding rhythm section (bass and percussion), complemented with subtle keyboards, stole my heart in 100% !!! The H.E.A.T band has a huge number of fans all over Europe and in the World, that it does not surprise me any more. A few words about the band itself ...

Current lineup:
Erik Grönwall - vocals
Dave Dalone - guitar
Jon Tee - keyboards
Jimmy Jay - bass guitar
Crash - drums

They started as support, among others, before Toto, the Swedish Mustasch, Scorions. They played on one stage with Alice Cooper's band, Thin Lizzy, at major festivals like the Sweden Rock Festival. They were the main artist in the Swedish qualification for the Eurovision song contest with the song "1000 miles", which became a huge hit in Sweden. The band began to perform in Germany, Spain and England, where practically from day to day gained new fans.

In April 2018, I accidentally saw an announcement on FB that the site "H E A T Poland" is looking for a new administrator, someone who will help in running the band's funpage. That's how my collaboration with Maja Kolasa began. At the very beginning we sent several official mails to manage our existence. We started posting events, photos, and thanks to our contacts among radio, industry and other funpages of the HEAT team (including HEAT UK Street Team and the invaluable Clare Haynes), the "HEAT Poland" website to this day has around 200 fans and we count on more!.

The H.E.A.T for a long time had to wait for their fans for the next album, but finally in September 2017, on the world came a new child "Into the Great Unknown". Music, even more thought-out, coherent, but how poignant and more demanding to think about from listeners. I highly recommend this material! About the same music and H.E.A.T band, on various social forums, websites, etc.:

"What can we say about H.E.A.T? If you do not like these energetic Swedes, you have to be dead inside, because this year they showed the British crowd how to be the most complete band in the world" /Classic Rock Magazine/.

"Melodic hard-rockers from Sweden, HEAT band, moved with the second part of the tour "The Great Into The Great Unknown". Together with them, as a special guest appeared two Finnish bands: One Desire and Shiraz Lane." / .

"The music of H.E.A.T consists in rocking hell and blowing fans to shreds with the help of hymns powered by adrenaline with power ..." /from art.

"This tour will be unique, we will visit many new countries that we have never visited, we will see new places, meet old fans and meet new people." /said Erik - vocalist of the band /.

Well, it's not the Internet itself that man lives but the music ;), the truth is that H.E.A.T took over my heart from the first riffs. Finally, November 23, 2018. the H.E.A.T band along the route "Into the Great Unknown", visited Poland. The concert took place in Krakow's Zaścianek Club... I will write about the concert itself in the second part of the report, now a few of my concert photos straight from Krakow.


Izabela Kwasiborska: "For me, photography is a passion and a lifestyle, it allows to capture the innermost human emotions - it's like reading the soul with what has been noticed - my grandfather taught me from the earliest years of photography. I have been professionally involved in photography since 2007, mainly concert photography. From 2014, I went to concerts and tours around Poland with rock bands. I have worked with such bands as: ACID Drinkers, Sheep, Turbo, SteelFire, Vierna, Lessdress, Vavamuffin, Immortal Dreams, Normalsi, Muchy, Korpus, AvA, People of the Haze, Slow Motion Bullet, Freackshow, Institute, Lorien, Nutshell, Derwana , The NewsPaper, The Orange Basement, DiAnti, Different Minds, Dust&Steel, Pure Snow, Wyciągnięci z Messy, B.O.R.Y., Ceili, Strefa Mocnych Wiatrów, Mordewind and many other Polish artists. I have now broadened the perspective of concert photos of foreign bands."

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