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Aleksandra Pająk - photographer with good eye and soul (Text Iza Kwasiborska)

Aleksandra Pająk - concert photographer with Author of this text
You know something about the Reach band from Sweden, which I recently met at a concert in Warsaw, now it's worth writing about a person who, like many of us photographers, stands "between" the band and the fans. This person, sees what is happening on the stage and perceives second-visions with a watchful eye. For me, a person met on Sunday, May 19, 2018 at the Warsaw University of Technology's Juwenalia is for many rock bands not only from Poland but also international (which I probably do not even know about), a nice friend who does, as she says: "only photos for fun." Ola is a young girl from Gliwice (Poland). Despite her young age, Ola has something that is extremely rare today. A huge passion for music and photos. And what is unheard of doing it, selflessly on its own, without benefiting from it. During my many years of work with musicians, bands, acoustics, lighting, photographers and managers, 

I must confess honestly that nobody has ever surprised me so much, because I have not seen anyone in such with passion and dedication as Ola has. On Saturday at the Juwenalia Warsaw University of Technology I had the opportunity to see Ola at work. As a photographer, I would like to share some insights with you. There is nothing impossible and no barriers for Ola. Ola can go on, under the stage and sometimes in the crowd to make great photos ;) Uses both professional Canon EOS 7D and Sony a6000 and as you can see the hardware barriers for Ola do not exist. The photos taken by Ola reflect the atmosphere of concerts, emotions and are a kind of "explosion of feelings from the artists from the stage into the audience". People absent from the concert while watching Ola's photos are able to feel the atmosphere of the concert and the musical vibes, not just see the artists on stage! Not only is she a someone worth knowing in person, very modest, but she also has an extraordinary eye as a photographer. She toured almost all of Europe for bands like Amaranthe, H.E.A.T, Reach and many others just to get the best pictures of them.

Juwenwlia PW 2018 Warsaw
I am impressed that the bands mentioned above could see her involvement and use her photos on their funpages and most importantly, they do not treat Ola only as a fan and a photographer but as a member of the music community and friend! And that's what prompted me to write this article. At this point I am appealing for the Polish music industry, and especially for bands with whom I had the opportunity to cooperate. Invite Ola to cooperation! Believe me, that thanks to this you can have a 100% PROFESSIONAL photorelation of concerts.

Here is a sample of Ola's work: I encourage you to read the official website of "LIVE SHOTS - Aleksandra Pajak Photography" on FB:

Ola, I allowed myself to consult my observations about you. See what they wrote about you:

H.E.A.T: ”Alexandra is now a given part of the rock community with her passion for the music, lifestyle and most of all the great pictures she provide.”

Clare & Laney (Heat UK Street Team): "Happy Birthday Alexandra wishing you the best day and a wonderful time, we always look forward to seeing your amazing photographs of H.E.A.T they are so stunning lots of love and best wishes."

Angel (H.E.A.T Poland): "Ola is amazing, huge passion, commitment and incredible modesty, it's a damn honor to meet and cooperate with Ola! Ola passion and work remind me of a girl I met a few years ago."

REACH: "Alexandra is a really fantastic photographer. Her dedication to music and the art of photografy is really out of this world. We know that we can always count with her help whenever we need it.”

Thank you all for sending me your insights about Ola and her work.

A word from the author:

Ola, you're the best for me. You have amazing talent. Never give up the passion of photography!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Izabela Kwasiborska: "For me, photography is a passion and a lifestyle, it allows to capture the innermost human emotions - it's like reading the soul with what has been noticed - my grandfather taught me from the earliest years of photography. I have been professionally involved in photography since 2007, mainly concert photography. From 2014, I went to concerts and tours around Poland with rock bands. I have worked with such bands as: ACID Drinkers, Sheep, Turbo, SteelFire, Vierna, Lessdress, Vavamuffin, Immortal Dreams, Normalsi, Muchy, Korpus, AvA, People of the Haze, Slow Motion Bullet, Freackshow, Institute, Lorien, Nutshell, Derwana , The NewsPaper, The Orange Basement, DiAnti, Different Minds, Dust&Steel, Pure Snow, Wyciągnięci z Messy, B.O.R.Y., Ceili, Strefa Mocnych Wiatrów, Mordewind and many other Polish artists. I have now broadened the perspective of concert photos of foreign bands."

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